Halotest balkan is a potent anabolic drug with high androgenic activity, so before taking it it is important to undergo a complete medical examination to study the characteristics of the body and identify serious health problems. The reason for giving up the steroid is the hypersensitivity of the body to its active substance or the presence of diseases of the prostate or kidneys. It is not recommended to take a halotest course for underage athletes and females in order to avoid hormonal disorders and other undesirable consequences.

During the course of halotest it is important to follow all the rules and recommendations for its use.

If the dosage or duration of the course is exceeded, the probability of the following side effects increases:

  1. Rapid hair growth on the body;
  2. Increased oiliness of the skin;
  3. Inflammatory diseases of the skin;
  4. Strong suppression of estrogen sex hormone synthesis;
  5. Increased aggression;
  6. Frequent sudden erections;
  7. Diseases of the prostate gland;
  8. Oligospermia.

At the end of the course, post-course therapy based on clomid and testosterone boosters is performed to stimulate the synthesis of the male sex hormone and reduce the phenomenon of recoil. Sports nutrition, vitamin complexes and amino acids will help to preserve the result and prevent the appearance of undesirable consequences. 

To quickly restore the body, it is important to eat properly, exercise regularly and sleep at least 8 hours a day.